Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Home Staging 101

No matter what holiday you are celebrating, staging your home during the holidays can be hassle-free by following these simple guidelines:

  • DO NOT OVER-DECORATE: Too many decorations create unwanted effects on your home. 1) Buyers will not remember the house's features, 2) The house will appear small and cluttered, 3) Overwhelming religious holiday decor may be offensive to hardcore PC buyers.
  • DO, MINIMAL SEASONAL DECOR: Keep seasonal decor to localized areas such as the fireplace mantle, table center pieces, and vanities. Having just a few pieces will give the "flavor" of the season without "overwhelming the taste buds."
  • DO NOT SET UP A TREE IN SMALL SPACES: If you are selling a house under 2000 square feet, every inch of space needs to be seen. It is more important that buyers see all the corners in the living room instead of a 7-foot spruce.
  • DO USE OUTDOOR LIGHTING: Without going Clark Griswold on your roof, tastefully use exterior Christmas lights to stir up warm feelings in your buyers. Now that our days are shorter, it is important to use artificial lighting to set the mood.
  • DO NOT USE LARGE YARD DISPLAYS: The same theory for interior decorating applies to the exterior as well. Inflated snow globes may look neat, but buyers will have a hard time looking past it and may miss your landscaping and other exterior features.
  • DO KEEP DECOR TIMELY: Once your holiday is done, pack the decor ASAP. A house that retains holiday or seasonal decor past its due date has a neglected atmosphere.
  • DO NOT USE STRONG FRAGRANCES: Although tempting, using candles, potpourri, and room fresheners may irritate sensitive buyers. Instead, use natural fragrances such a baked cookies and simmering cider to boost the aromas in your home.
  • DO ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS: Reduce the stress by reducing the amount of commitments you make during this time of the year. Remember, your holiday is about your faith, your family, and your friends. Keep it simple and remain positive towards the marketing of your home!

One final thought... when listing your home over the holidays, DO NOT decorate your home to suit the current season or holiday unless you are going to update the photos when the season/holiday is past. Photos on the MLS of Christmas stockings hanging on the mantle is not appealing when it is the middle of March.

Happy HanuRamaKwanzMas, Everyone!

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