Sunday, January 17, 2010

Does Your House Suck?

In Real Estate, a residential listing should possess a suck factor in three key areas that will draw buyers off the MLS and into your house.


1) ONLINE: Contrary to popular belief, the buyers' first impression of your property does NOT begin at the curb but on the screen. Studies indicate that over 90% of buyers will look online first before personally viewing a property. I believe that percentage is closer to 100% (with exceptions in Amish communities and federal prisons, of course).

A house may look like a model in person, but if it does not show like one through online representation (a.k.a. photos), it may be difficult to suck in any buyer interest. Therefore, it is imperative that not only are houses staged for sale, but that they are photographed in such a way that it shows well on the internet.

2) EXTERIOR: Curb appeal. People love to use that phrase to describe how good the property looks from the moment the car pulls into the driveway. The outside of your home gives buyers an idea of how well you took care of the inside of the house. Loose shingles, broken fences, and neglected yards will deflate buyers hopes of finding their dream home, unless they are looking for an investment property. Keep the exterior looking fresh and clean to suck buyers out of their cars and into the front door.

3) ENTRANCE: OK, now you've got the buyers out of the comforts of their own house with their internet connections and playoff games; they drove through rush-hour traffic to find your listing in the middle of a busy work week; and they are now turning the key in your front door. When that door opens, what will be their immediate reaction? Will they want to turn away? Or, will they be sucked into the house, anxious to see more?

The entrance of your home dictates the atmosphere of the house. Stir up buyer excitement as they are stepping into the house by creating a "Wow-Factor" through decor and furniture. Set up the life-style they want to own.

Preparing your house for sale is a necessary step in the selling process. Today's buyer's market introduces new inventory everyday. Staging your house for sale will help create a suck factor that buyers cannot resist!

TESTIMONIAL: The first and third photo in this blog is from a KFM vacant staging project in Minneapolis that sold in five days (January 2010). This middle photo was a KFM vacant staging project in St. Paul (August 2009). Prior to staging, this house was on the market for over a year. After staging by KFM, it sold within weeks!

>KFM Staging & Design is a Minnesota home staging company that creates "First Impressions that Sell" in the Twin Cites and Western Wisconsin. KFM specializes in vacant staging and staging consultations. Visit our website for staging tips or to schedule your in-home or online consultation.

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